About us

World Jungle is an award winning social enterprise all about bringing people together, creating healthier communities and sharing the best of our world. Our work is divided into different activity areas (Cultural, Health, Community and Events), fusing culture and creativity, dynamic health and wellbeing, inspiring events and a long term strategic commitment to improving our community and environment. We work to build effective partnerships, connect communities and deliver creative solutions to challenges facing our society.  
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Creative ButtonCreative

Cultural and creative workshops and training programmes to inspire, motivate, educate and celebrate. Workshops for schools, staff training, holiday activity programmes, community groups and business.

Health Health

Providing a range of solutions to improve health, fitness and wellbeing including outdoor play activities, gardening, sport, dance, fitness, yoga and pilates classes.

Community button Community

Managing a broad range of community projects, community development, building partnerships, evaluation and consultancy services.

Events Events

Summer festivals, park fun days,  youth showcase events, music nights, multi-cultural extravaganzas. We offer a range of events packages to fit your budget and requirements.

Through creative activities World Jungle provides opportunities for people to develop, learn, thrive and have a greater influence on their world. We believe this can be done through:

  • Creative and innovative experiences - the opportunity to try new things in a positive environment can be life changing.
  • Developing new connections - whether within your community, organisation and most especially, within yourself.
    Communities should be more than a collection of individuals. We strive to bring people together to live, work and play.
  • Embedding healthy and positive behaviours.

As an organisation, our core five values are:

  • Creativity
  • Respect - for other people, cultures, the environment
  • Quality - in everything we do
  • Innovation - our way of thinking and operating
  • Co-operation - bringing people together

Meet our team

Team World Jungle was founded in 2006 by Jane Manning and Ben Ward as a not-for-profit company operating predominantly across the South West and Central regions of England We are supported by a team of artists, musicians, playworkers and global educators from around the world who enjoy sharing their skills, ideas and passion with all ages and abilities. Along side our core staff team, we are supported by a fantastic group of volunteers. Meet our team

Policies in place

  • Health & Safety
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • DBS
  • First Aid Trained Staff
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safeguarding


Finalist WIB Award 2015Stroud Life Business Award Winner Stroud Life Business Award 'Contribution to the Community' 2012 & 2014.

National Award for 'Bridging Cultures’, promoting intercultural dialogue Institute for Community Cohesion 2010.