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Make a Difference in Cam & Dursley

“It can be amazing where a simple conversation can lead…”  This is the basic idea behind our programme for Cam and Dursley in Gloucestershire which hopes to kick-start some new community projects by asking people what they care enough about in their area to do something about. Through having lots of conversations with local people, the aim is to identify the gifts, strengths and passions of individuals,  find out what they want to make happen in the area and help people come together and achieve their aim.



Please get in touch and let us know what YOU would like to see happen in YOUR community.

What skills/expertise do you have to put towards this to help make it happen?

Would you be happy to meet others in your community who share the same aim/interest?

Call us on 07889 512644, email or meet us on Wednesday mornings in Dursley Library.

Make a difference in Cam & Dursley



There is lots taking place each week at venues across Cam & Dursley. CLICK HERE to find something you would enjoy.

If you belong to a group not listed in our directory and would like to attract more members, please do email us details to include.

Download a copy of this directory (5 page PDF) to print.

Online Directory
Find something you would enjoy!

Some groups to look out for....

Dursley DJs  

Secret Garden volunteers
Join the 'Transition Cam & Dursley' team of dedicated volunteers creating a beautiful green space in the heart of our Community. They meet at the garden every Wednesday morning 10am - 12.30 and the first Saturday of the month. This is to work on the garden, but also includes coffee and a chat. For more information, please email