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InnerAction Workshop

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This workshop is for people who care deeply about the world, who know that our current direction must change if there is to be a future for our children. It is for women and men who have already developed self-awareness and live consciously, who are committed to building their inner power in order to take effective action in shaping the future.

Building our inner power for effective action...
We are living in the most extraordinary times. The advances of science and technology have taken us far, yet we are witnessing violence and destruction globally. This is the moment, for the qualities of the deep feminine to be rebalanced with the masculine that reside in the hearts of both women and men to reshape our future. When we make decisions and take action from our inner wisdom we build a world that works for everyone.

In this workshop you will:
• Deepen your understanding of the current state of our world and what you can do to impact the areas you deeply care about
• Develop and strengthen your emotional resilience to deal powerfully with the pain and suffering in the world
• Create a vision for the future from the personal to the global
• Leave with tools and practices that will sustain you on your journey
• Identify your unique gifts and how you can contribute those to shaping the future
• Design an effective action plan for shaping the future

Ben Ward

Pictured above, Course Leader Ben Ward was the first man in the UK to qualify as a Facilitator for the Rising Women Rising World InnerAction course.