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World Jungle's workshops give participants the opportunity to explore a range of different cultures and traditions from countries around the world, looking at themes around CULTURAL DIVERSITY and what brings us all together. Click on the headings to find out more:

African Drumming

Experience a taste of African culture through music in this fun and interactive workshop where participants will have the opportunity to play a traditional West African piece of music using Djembe Drums. Through learning different drum beats, the workshop improves co-ordination and motor skills, develops listening skills and concentration, promotes working together as part of a group, improves confidence through performing, and encourages creativity and self-expression.

African Drumming is fun, energising and can be enjoyed by all ages, backgrounds and abilities. No special musical skills are required. Everyone is given their own instrument and within minutes the group comes together, promoting a feeling of community and team spirit.

African / Caribbean Dance

These fun, energetic and lively workshops also educate participants about the meanings of the dances promoting a deeper understanding of the rich culture of the African/Caribbean people. Participants will learn how to respond to the African and Caribbean rhythms that accompany the dances by clapping and singing the rhythmic patterns.

Samba Drumming

Samba drumming is an exciting and vibrant expression of the percussive rhythms of South America. Our Samba workshop create lots of fun and enjoyment, whilst also providing an opportunity for paricipants to learn about South American culture, history and rhythm. Participants find they can usually produce a good sound on an instrument relatively quickly, making samba workshops accessible to all ages and abilities. The workshops help improve co-ordination and sense of rhythm, develop listening skills, encourage teamwork and cooperation by playing together as a group, building confidence and a sense of pride in the music produced.

Samba Drumming


World Rhythm
These workshops offer an introduction to rhythms and drumming from various world music traditions. Available as a single one off workshop or as longer term projects. Participants learn about Indian, West African & Middle Eastern / Arabic drumming and associated rhythms. The workshops are mainly run with students participating through vocal percussion, clapping, stamping etc. This also enables teachers & students to continue developing work after the workshop without the need for specific instruments.
Carnival Workshops

Carnival provides the perfect medium to explore South American and Caribbean culture in its many forms. The colours, energy and sounds can not fail to inspire. World Jungle carnival workshops cover the music, arts and costumes associated with carnivals from Rio de Janeiro, to the Caribbean, to London's Notting Hill. These workshops explore the incredible culture behind carnivals and enable children to develop costumes, banners and headdress, as well as learn the incredible moves and rhythms which accompany the events.

  • Samba Drumming (please see details of our Samba Drumming workshops above)
  • Percussion Instrument Making - Using recycled materials to make unusual percussion instruments to bring your carnival to life. A range of real percussion instruments from the Caribbean, Brazil, Africa and Asia inspire ideas.
  • Flags and Banners - Supported by specialist carnival artists, ensure your procession is larger than life with colourful flags, pennants and banners. Easy designs ideal for groups of all sizes and ages.
  • Caribbean Carnival Procession Dance - Our carnival dance workshop ensures your procession masqueraders show off their costumes to the best effect, with Caribbean style dance steps that work on the spot or on the move. Ideal for 'whole-class' size groups and larger 'hall-sized' groups.


Indian Workshops

These workshops explore some of the culture and traditions of India through dance and henna art.

  • Traditional Indian Classical and Bollywood Dance Workshop - Cultural education, rhythm, movement and full of energy; our traditional Indian dance and Bollywood dance workshops have it all. Enjoy learning the iconic hand, eye and neck movements associated with Bollywood dance styles, while learning of their origin in traditional Indian classical and folk dance.

  • Bhangra - A form of dance and music that originated in the Punjab region, conducted by Punjabi Sikh farmers to celebrate the harvest season. Today, Bhangra dance survives in different forms and styles all over the globe, including pop music and film. This workshop is high energy, with great moves and music.

  • Henna - An all-natural, safe, temporary and painless way to decorate the body with henna art symbols. In India, Henna has been used for thousands of years to adorn the hands and feet of women for weddings and other special occasions. The Art of Henna has spread through other cultures including Africa and the Middle East where it is used for various purposes from beauty/fashion to personal expression, social and religious occasions and for healing purposes. Participants will learn about Henna, the designs and the meanings behind them.


Games from around the world / Global Play

What better way to explore other cultures than through play. Learn traditional games from around the world including Jamaica, Tanzania, Somalia, Argentina, Ghana, Pakistan and many more. Sessions are playful, informative, involving music, dance, games and stories. The programme is supported by the World Jungle Global Play Toolkit, with a CD of songs so you can play the games afterwards. Find out more about Global Play...

Exploring British Values through Creativity and the Arts

Together with staff training on how to embed British values and support the successful delivery of the SMSC curriculum, we offer an engaging and inspiring programme of workshops for children and young people across the Key Stages on each of the four fundamental British values identified as key by the Department for Education and Ofsted. Find out more

By promoting fundamental British values the following will be developed:
• an understanding of how citizens can influence decision-making through the democratic process;
• an appreciation that living under the rule of law protects individual citizens and is essential for their wellbeing and safety;
• an understanding that the freedom to choose and hold other faiths and beliefs is protected in law;
• an acceptance that other people having different faiths or beliefs to oneself (or having none) should be accepted and tolerated, and should not be the cause of prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour.

British Values workshop

Circus Skills

Energetic and great fun, our circus skills workshops are a fantastic way to build confidence. We offer structured workshop sessions in juggling, unicycling, devil sticks, diablos and poi as well more informal circus workshops as part of youth and play events where participants have greater freedom to choose what they want to do and just enjoy the wonderful world of circus.

There are many benefits to learning circus skills. One key point is that everybody regardless of ability or background can engage in the activity and have fun. It helps develop a range of social, physical and emotional skills and can be used to support the national curriculum linking to areas such as PE, Art, Literacy, Science. A circus skills workshop is also effective for community engagement projects and team building, with opportunities to develop skills and confidence quickly as well as getting to see people in new and wonderful ways!

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Get Active!

World Jungle's Get Active workshops for children and young people reflect our core aims and values, incorporating music and dance from around the world, improving health and fitness as well as introducing participants to new 'flavours' and experiences. The cross-curricular sessions fuse PE with PSHE, promoting healthy life styles, emotional wellbeing, aspiration, confidence and respect. Choose from a variety of different activities that can be apapted to suit different age groups and abilities:

  • Dance - African, Indian, Latin and Ballroom
  • Zumba and Zumbatomic - Combining dance, games and lots of fun!
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • World Games
  • Get outdoors - bushcraft, team building and survival skills.

Get active


Environmental Learning and Play - outdoor experiences

We offer both specialised workshops and activities for children, together with staff training exploring the issues around children's learning and play in the natural environment for adults working with children outdoors. Some sessions can be based at your venue. For others we invite you to enjoy a half-day or full-day outdoor experience with World Jungle at Breakheart Quarry in the hills above Dursley.

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Personal development & challenge programme - Bounce!

The BOUNCE personal development and challenge programme was originally developed as an extra -curricular intervention for primary school children facing conflict in their lives, in response to schools looking for additional ways to support children with behavioural issues.

The fun and interactive course focuses on managing conflict and developing emotional intelligence and resilience. It aims to equip participants with the skills to help deal with conflict both in the home environment and amongst their peers and has been proven to support educational engagement, attainment, develop confidence, respect, and fairness, while raising aspirations and improving capacity to manage stress.  Read about the difference this course has made...

personal development and challenge


Workshops for schools

Bring the world in to your SCHOOL with our range of specialist creative workshops exploring music, dance, art and culture from around the world. Our workshops normally accomodate up to 20-30 children, however, some of the activities such as dance could accomodate slightly more. They are ideal for themed days/weeks, After School Club activities, P.E. lessons, cultural lessons, SMSC curriculum, or to celebrate special festivals or events. All sessions are inclusive and actively engage pupils of all ages and abilities. Workshops can be adapted to meet your specific requirements, whether an individual workshop or longer a programme to last over a week or term. We aim to:

  • Give pupils a unique and memorable experience.
  • Develop key characteristics including confidence, respect, fairness, resilience, team building, curiosity, ambition.
  • Develop understanding of complex ideas including cultural diversity, world citizenship, identity and cohesion.
  • Promote intercultural dialogue and encourage respect and understanding of other cultures.
  • Challenge stereotypes and encourage critical thinking.
  • Enthuse pupils about their world and the opportunities that exist.
  • Develop skills in performance, communication and teamwork whilst encouraging creativity.

African Carnival Circus Indian GetActive


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